How to Improve Liver Function Naturally

The liver does a lot of work, and is responsible for a very large amount of metabolic activities. Something I have grown to appreciate early in life and even more so over the years, and was one of the early reasons I decided not to drink alcohol as an adult when I had learned how awful it was for your liver in school.

Given the fact that your liver is a complex organ which processes so much of what goes into your body, it’s fairly reasonable to assume, and I have personally found through my experiences and research it is indeed the case, that you need a healthy and regular supply of a wide variety of nutrients to keep your liver running in tip top shape!

Ever Wanted to “Detox” Your Body? Your Liver Already Does That! 

Now you can save your hard earned dollars instead of wasting it on those scammy detox pills you find at the drug store! You don’t need them guys, because when it comes to how to improve liver function naturally, you just need to give yourself the nutrition that your body needs by eating foods that improve liver function and practice a lifestyle that promotes wellness and vitality, your liver will do the rest! However, you can do things to rapidly encourage your liver to improve if it’s not exactly in the best of shape, and at the very least, maintain the health and integrity of this vital organ.

Eat Organic. It’s Particularly Good for Your Liver.

One of the things that I try to promote here at healthy help is a more holistic, natural, and lifestyle based approach to the prevention and recovery from illness and poor health, and education is a huge part of my mission. The fact of the matter is, in many parts of the world, including America, the water in many cases is not fit to drink, the air to breathe (depending upon where you live of course), and particularly a large part of our food is not fit for consumption. Now you can’t shut out and protect yourself from every possible instance of harm, toxins, and pollution, but you can engage in certain practices that will help support your overall health which is intimately tied in with the health of your liver.

Why? Because your liver is what detoxifies your body, but it can over time be overwhelmed. One of the primary things you can do in your life right now is to eat only USDA or equivalently certified organic food. Your liver is the primary organ that detoxifies chemicals and therefor reducing your exposure to industrial agricultural pesticides, chemicals, and toxins, in addition to the other many additives that are often found in and on these products will in fact promote health throughout your body while reducing the load that detoxifying those nasty chemicals puts on this vital organ. You reduce exposure, and you avoid taxing your liver, it’s a win-win and one of the most important things you can change to improve liver health.

What Other Things Can be Done to Improve Liver Health? Drink Purified (not distilled) Water!

Drink filtered water. I can’t stress this enough. One of the best ways to make sure you are getting the cleanest possible water is to invest in a proper water filter that removes all of the crap and none of the good stuff like the minerals we need to survive, it’s just that simple. Most at home store bought water filters simply do not remove remotely enough of the pathogens, heavy metals, and toxins often found in municipal, well, and other water supplies. These are chemicals and toxins, which over time can adversely affect how your liver works, among other health concerns too.

Bottled water is not regulated like tap water is, and is often as bad or worse then regular old tap water, plus with BPA in plastic being an issue, along with other forms of plastic leeching into the water, you should avoid it all together. Plus it’s immensely wasteful, and contributes heavily to the pollution problem this earth faces. I reccomend using the Berkey water filter, which I personally use and have in my own household, and advise my friends and family to get as well. This filter uses gravity to filter the water, not reverse osmosis, and is the only viable, affordable, and effective way I have seen to remove the vast majority of nasty stuff in the water supply, but keep in the minerals we need, I can’t recommend this product enough, it has changed my drinking habits for life!

5 More Effective Ways You Can Improve Liver Function Naturally!

    • Stop Drinking Alcohol. Alcohol is classified, in fact, as a poison and your body and liver treat it as such. It is why you see so many alcoholics with deteriorated health after years of drinking. The organ that keeps our bodies clean has been abused from years of drinking. Even light to moderate drinking can, over time, weaken and impair your liver. Give up the sauce folks!
    • Avoid Fried and Fatty Foods. I am weak when it comes to fried foods, but I have been able to dramatically improve so many aspects of my health by switching to healthier alternatives like using organic breading on baked chicken for example, instead of going with the fried varieties.
    • Limit Your High Fat Food Intake. Just like avoiding fried foods, which are also high fat, this seems like an obvious thing to do, but many people simply are not aware that our liver has a limit to how much fat it can process each day while maintaining the other vital metabolic functions it has to continue to do.
    • Eat Sulfur Rich Foods. Sulfur-containing compounds which are found in garlic and onions are one of the primary molecules that help your liver detoxify a wide variety of medications, pesticides, heavy metals, and other types of environmental toxins. Cruciferous vegetables have been found to be particularly helpful in improving liver health as they contain unique forms of sulfur that have been found to be particularly good for improving liver function. These vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, and Brussels sprouts. I often will juice these with my juicer or include them in my homemade smoothies.
    • Spice Up Your Cooking. There has been a lot of research and scientific evidence to suggest that certain spices, namely turmeric, cinnamon, and licorice, can support your liver and how well it functions. You don’t need to use much, just add it here and there to your recipes where it makes sense. I like to sprinkle and stir in fresh cinnamon into my apple cider for example. Little steps go a long way.

Love your liver so it can love you back. Cheesy, but true at least in the sense that you need it to be in proper working condition for a long and healthy life, and the best part of all, is it can be done naturally just by changing some dietary and lifestyle changes.

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