How to Improve Poor Leg Circulation Symptoms

Have you ever had your arm fall asleep on you? Your hand? How about your foot or your whole leg? I know I certainly have, particularly if I have been sitting on it for awhile or sleeping in an awkward position, it drives me nuts.

Sometimes though, the heaviness, numbness, tiredness, and the feeling you get like a loss of full circulation or something similar can persist for longer periods of time or in situations where you might not be thinking your cutting off the circulation. Here is a bullet point list of the most common causes or things that can exacerbate the problem:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor diet
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Certain thyroid and nerve conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Long periods of sitting in an immobile or cramped position (also pleasantly known as the “economy class syndrome”)

So I could go on at length about each one of these potential causes at length, but that would be like reading a small medical journal and kind of boring right? So the obvious common thread throughout the majority of the bullet point issues is really your overall health and lifestyle, and I am a firm believer, as I have seen it not only in my own life, but the lives of my friends and family that it is your daily lifestyle that has the biggest impact on your health, and particularly on issues like how to improve poor leg circulation symptoms. I tend to focus on more holistic, natural, and home remedies for my own health, both preventative and reactive healing for existing poor leg circulation and circulation in general.

Common Symptoms 

  • You might be experiencing cramping or fatigue in the legs, posterior, or feet during some type of activity. The pain, whether it’s in the leg overall, the lower part of your leg or even just foot pain, it will usually diminish with rest but come back later.
  • If you find you are frequently complaining about tired and aching feet or swollen feet and legs.
  • Frequent cramping after being immobile for a long while or after sleeping.
  • The feeling of your feet being “cold” a lot or numb, including that “falling asleep” feeling we all know and love.

Here is my hand dandy simple guide to poor leg circulation remedies that are easy to do, effective, and don’t cost too much either, I advise doing most if not all of these to see the biggest benefit.

Remedy 1.Physical Activity

Getting regular exercise, even light to moderate exercise like walking more throughout your day or using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator can help improve blood flow throughout your whole body including your legs. You can start off small doing those things and work yourself up to more regular workout routines like yoga or aerobic exercises if you are not doing some already, I like to do both to get the blood flowing myself. I also find that swimming is fantastic for improving blood flow, while also minimizing the impact on my joints, there’s a reason this is popular with the older folks, but its great for all ages.

Remedy 2. – Warm Water Soaks

Have you ever noticed when you take a hot bath or a hot shower that things seem to loosen up all over your body? As most of you may know, heat tends to expand things while the cold will cause things to contract generally, the same goes for our bodies including our skin and muscles. So one of the best and most enjoyable ways I have found to improve poor leg circulation is to use very warm water to open up my veins and arteries and loosen my muscles up so that blood can flow less restricted.

Now I am always looking for a good excuse to soak in a nice warm bath or indulge in a longer warm shower, but you don’t have to get your whole body wet to see some benefit to your legs.  What I like to do is draw a hot bath and fill it up to most of its capacity and then sit on the edge of the tub and soak my legs and feet. I also like to start to move my joints and legs in the warm water as well to encourage further blood circulation. You can also massage your legs and feet as well to encourage blood flow.

Remedy 3. – Use Sleeping Aids For Circulation and Proper Footwear

Try using special shoes that are designed to promote blood circulation, I know that sketchers makes some really comfortable shoes, and many of there locations have a diagnostic area that can find what type of fit is appropriate for you. I also advise making sure your bed is not sagging and out of shape as this can throw your whole body out of alignment and affect blood flow to your legs. You can also check out a bed wedge or leg wedge which help to keep your legs properly positioned for better circulation.

Remedy 4. – Improve Your Diet!

Diet has a major impact on how your whole body operates, and needless to say that along with exercise, what you eat has a dramatic impact on your overall circulation, including your poor leg circulation treatment. Spicy foods that include cayenne pepper are known to help improve blood flow and open up the blood vessels, that’s often why you see people so red faced after eating spicy or hot food! You also should be leaning towards a high fiber and low salt diet which is good for lowering blood pressure which in turn helps blood flow throughout the body, including your legs.

I also happen to love garlic by the way, and for those of you who do too, you are in luck! garlic is well known to be very heart healthy in that it lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and helps to stimulate the circulatory system and body tissue throughout the body. Another important set of nutrients to get into your diet is B vitamins which are critical for proper blood flow and a whole host of other things as well, you can either get it through a food based supplement or through food naturally, I recommend getting it from both personally.

Ginkgo Biloba, Ginger and Rosemary are also known for there benefits to the blood, they can also be found in some of the better food based multivitamins along with your vitamin B complex. Last but certainly not least, Drink Lots of Water! Hydration is key to your body having enough fluid to keep your blood flowing the best it can. If you guys have any questions or comments, please share!

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  1. H.N.Mehta says:

    Very useful tips on change in Life Style, for this commonly recurring “Leg Cramps ” .

    • Ed says:

      Ya, A lot of health issues really come down to changing your lifestyle, and that certainly applies to circulation and the way our blood flows.

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