Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking Alcohol – Making It To 30 Days Sober

The Health Benefits of Quitting the Bottle

My family has had issues with alcohol and other forms of substance abuse. I myself have only had a few drinks in my late teens, and haven’t really had much of any ever since because of the effects I saw that it had on friends and family. Because I have had alcohol around me my whole life in one form or another, I though I would share and offer my thoughts and […] Read more »

How To Get 30 Grams Of Protein For Breakfast

High Protein Bread with Peanut Butter and Fruit

Do you struggle with hunger throughout your day? I certainly have, and even still do on occasion, as does the wonderful lady in my life. This is made even worse when either of us is working out actively and kicking our metabolisms into high gear, which only increases the hunger. So one of the wonderful discoveries I found out through a lot of personal research and plenty of trial and error was that I […] Read more »

How To Lose Water Weight Fast

Lose That Water Weight

We all want to lose weight right? Of course! But I also wanted to know how to lose water weight as well, something I have struggled with in the past. Well, one of the first things I learned from my childhood friend about healthy lifestyles, who now teaches about human physiology and is working on his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, is what water weight really is and what it means for my body. […] Read more »

How To Get Natural Energy

Natural Energy

Whether you’re a 3 cups of joe a day kind of person, or you slug down a 5 hour energy drink at about 2pm, you’re looking for energy in all the wrong places. Obtaining your energy from healthy sources is not only better for your body, but provides a longer lasting, more effective boost. There are a number of ways to rid fatigue naturally, from eating the right breakfast to […] Read more »

Burdock Root Benefits – What is Burdock Root Used For?

USDA Certified Organic Burdock Root

Ever feel like your blood wasn’t clean enough? Probably not. However, Burdock root has been used for centuries to remedy all sorts of ailments and particularly remove toxins from our blood! Considering all the crap you and I are exposed to on a daily basis, I would say this is a humble root worth looking into a bit deeper, and that’s exactly what I did! The Japanese Eat it, and […] Read more »

Boldo Tea Health Benefits

Boldo Tea For Your Health!

I love tea, and as I have gotten older, I started to actually enjoy real tea, and not the super sweetened chilled stuff  I got at the supermarket or gas stations as a kid. However, even as I started to enjoy the wonderful trinity of teas, black, green, and my current favorite, white tea, I also started to explore what other varieties are out there. I eventually stumbled upon a Chilean tea and Peruvian tea called […] Read more »

Kettlebell Swing Benefits

A Selection of Kettlebells

So one of the areas I definitely needed to improve upon in my life as I began my health journey was to incorporate a lot more exercise then I had been. However, I am someone of humble means, and I couldn’t afford any fancy gym equipment, plus I didn’t always have readily available and affordable gyms nearby, like many people. I then saw a great post here, about kettlebell swings […] Read more »

What Are The Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast?

Belly Trimming Foods

So it’s time for a gut reality check, excuse the poor pun. The fact is, that it is a myth that certain foods can help you lose a specific section of fat more then another part of your body. However, there are certain foods that have nutrients in them which can in fact be quite effective at helping shed the pounds off that tummy. Why? Because according to webmd, the fat around your stomach, especially when […] Read more »

12 of The Most Harmful Food Additives to Avoid

Crossed Out Aspartame

I wish it were a simple world where food was made up of the simple ingredients we think they can be and should be, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case, especially for the typical western diet, but this is even the case in other parts of the world now too. One of the things I have learned about buying organic is that the USDA organic symbol comes in a […] Read more »

Vitamin K Benefits – What Does Vitamin K Do For The Body?

Food Sources for Vitamin K

Vitamins, we need them right? Lot’s of them? Well, yes and no, but the real crime is that we don’t get the widest variety more so then the actual volume, especially with the commonality of consumer mulitvitmans being so ubiquitous. When I started out on my personal health journey, it felt like I had things covered, I got a multivitmain from the drug store, ate some common veggies and fruits, and drank […] Read more »

10 Tips on How to Decrease Appetite Naturally

How To Decrease Appetite Naturally

Ever feel like you simply ate or continue to eat too much? I know I have, even during the best of times when I am trying to keep my dietary habits in check. Because I struggle at times, just like most of you out there, with my diet and keeping my appetite in check, I decided to do some extensive research and try out a number of different methods on how to decrease appetite […] Read more »

Is Almond Milk Good for You?

Is Almond Milk Good For You?

Is almond milk good for you? Let’s clear this up right at the beginning, absolutely. I personally don’t have any issue with dairy, and I have a small love affair with cheese, and regularly use dairy milk with my cereal. I also happen to love yogurt, especially Greek yogurt and drinkable lassi. But I also like to have choices and alternatives not only for myself, but for the loved ones in my […] Read more »

How to Improve Liver Function Naturally

How to Improve Liver Function Naturally

The liver does a lot of work, and is responsible for a very large amount of metabolic activities. Something I have grown to appreciate early in life and even more so over the years, and was one of the early reasons I decided not to drink alcohol as an adult when I had learned how awful it was for your liver in school. Given the fact that your liver is […] Read more »

How Much Prune Juice For Constipation?

How Much Prune Juice For Constipation?

I am not a big purveyor of prunes, but I have had to deal with the occasional “backup” and constipation after eating lots of full fat dairy or other really rich and heavy foods. I have some family members who have really suffered with this issue and while suppositories do indeed work, it’s not always the most practical or enticing solution, and many people prefer going with a more dietary and natural lifestyle based […] Read more »

What Are The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt?

I love yogurt, and so do many of you, but I really love Greek yogurt, but what is Greek yogurt and why do I love it? Well, not only do I prefer the taste, but I also have come to find that it is the healthier of the two varieties as well, particularly the non fat variety. So, is Greek yogurt better for you? And what are the health benefits of Greek yogurt vs […] Read more »

How to Improve Poor Leg Circulation Symptoms

How to Improve Poor Leg Circulation Symptoms

Have you ever had your arm fall asleep on you? Your hand? How about your foot or your whole leg? I know I certainly have, particularly if I have been sitting on it for awhile or sleeping in an awkward position, it drives me nuts. Sometimes though, the heaviness, numbness, tiredness, and the feeling you get like a loss of full circulation or something similar can persist for longer periods of […] Read more »